Vacuum Polyca Desiccator 19L with Hook
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¡ñIt is lightweight and tough vacuum desiccator made from PC £¨polycarbonate£©.¡¡¡ñPrecise molding processing is given so that vacuum can be held without junction's attaching grease£¨O-ring provided£©.¡¡¡ñPlates made from porcelain are excellent in corrosion resistance, and non-adhesiveness, and can put reaction crucible.¡¡¡ñ240G and 300G are provided with vacuum meter.¡¡¡ñG2 type is equipped 2 stopcocks.

¡ñMaterial: Body / PC (polycarbonate), O-Ring / NBR (nitrile rubber)¡ñAllowable vacuum: about 133 Pa (1 mmHg)¡ñMetal cock outer diameter: φ9 mm¡ñinner diameter: φ 306 mm¡ñoverall height: 368 mm¡ñcontents amount: about 19 L¡ñAccessories: porcelain Plate x 1 piece¡ñType number: 300¡ñWith cock¡ñWeight (kg): 2.9¡ñRecommended vacuum pumps: Dry vacuum pumps DTC-22, (1-671-06) Dry vacuum pumps DA-20 D, (1-672-07) oil rotation vacuum pumps G-50 SA (1-4148-11)

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